FounderCreating an
Eco-Friendly World

After noticing so many climatic changes and unexplained natural disaster, it can be said that the world has become very delicate. It cannot handle what we are giving the earth, i.e., pollution. With more development of industries and factories, there is no doubt that the standard of living has been enhanced and the luxury as well. But many industries and factories are also introducing toxic and dangerous materials into the environment that is hampering the air, land and water. To make this world a better place to live, we as a filtration products manufacturers in India, has made a team of experts and with the founder Mr.Shrikant Twari, who has 25+ years of experience in this field helped in making the environment dust free, pollutant free and more fresh and eco-friendly.

The aim of MD of Puritec is to serve the environment with more earth lovers and who has the mind set to support the mother earth. With the believe to make the earth more greener and pollution free, we at Puritec gives the platform to the people who wish to support the nature but are not able to find the opportunity to make a positive change in the environment. Thus, our MD generated this idea to build a platform that helps the earth to be emission-free and with like-mind people, do something good for future generations.

With our “Zero-Error-Strategy” we are always successful to meet our customer’s requirements on quality. Decades of experience and continuous innovations are we are able to add some new touch and technology in our work, performance and our personalized customer service. With the best team in the market we make sure that we are able to fulfill what we have aimed for, i.e, a planet without pollution. We continuously develop our skills, knowledge and personal competence to give the best in the market to our customers and mother earth.